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Public Filming:
Please be advised that Photos & Filming will be occurring at this function.
This is for social media, Television, Promotion & Historical Records, Including Web Sites etc. We trust that you Enjoy, Understand and Respect this.
Please consult with the Registrar by Day 1 should you have needs for identity or location anonymity, to secure a refund.

Recording of Music:
Recordings, in any format, containing audio of square dance music, does not comply with copyright legislation.


Clean, low-heeled, or flat-heeled shoes or jiffies of a type that will not mark or damage the floor shall be worn.
Spike or small type heels are banned (heels must be a minimum 25 mm long in all dimensions in contact with the floor surface).


Convention Dress Code:
All dancers agree to comply with the conditions of the Australian National Conventions Dress Code as listed in the Australian National Conventions Board Conventions Operations Manual 

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